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I’m so pleased to be able to write such a exciting blog this week after we jetted off to sunny Newcastle to join Nuby to be filmed(EEK!) for some really exciting upcoming campaigns. They are working in collaboration with @Thismumis and Bauer Media Productions to bring forward to new generation of real talking mums and dads just being themselves with no holds barred. We met thee absolute nicest people and had such a giggle together laughing about all the trials and tribulations parenthood brings. We spoke about all the good parts, the funny parts, the not so great parts and sadly some of the worse parts that can strike on your journey to being a parent.


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The day was held in Whitley Bay and what a beautiful town that is! It was a gorgeous warm sunny day and we felt like we had gone on a wee holiday or something especially when we turned onto the promenade overlooking the beach. Perfect for Leos first trip to England of which I’m sure there will be many more. The set up was held in the cutest little café, Littley Bay which is a coastal themed role play centre for children where each member of staff was nicer than the last and made us feel very welcomed. They even snuggled Leo for us while we were filming and he was totally basking in the hugs. Its a great set up where the mums, dads , grannies or whoever can relax with a tea while there little one plays.


Without giving too much away and spoiling the big campaign surprises to come, Nuby UK  invited us alongside another 4 couples and their beyond adorable babies to spend the day with them. We all naturally thought the day was to be centred around the wee ones but we soon found out it was actually a day for the mums and dads to be in front of the camera. To say there were a few shocked faces in the room is maybe an under statement, especially Steven. He like some of the other partners shot a look a look at us girls as if they just realised they’d been massively duped into coming along on false pretences! Of course we were just in the same boat as them though. I’ve got to say that by putting us on the spot like that was definitely the best and most authentic thing to do as none of us had a chance to worry, get nervous or plan answers in our head as we probably would have been subconsciously doing knowing your being put in a situation that’s WAY out of your comfort zone and in front of a film crew! And on that , not just any film crew but one whose reputation proceeds them like Bauer Media who are pretty big in the UK. So there we were feeling like “the token weegies” with our strong accents trying not to sound to “neddy” or talk too fast on camera but we needn’t have worried as the crew made us feel so comfortable as did the super friendly Nuby crew who laughed and cried along with us as we spoke throughout the day.

On one of the set ups I was put alongside the other mums Mollie , Devan, Amy and Kim while the daddies spent some time with the babies exploring the beautiful surroundings of Whitley Bay. We were mic’d up and put under the TV spotlights and on a panel type scenario together and I tell you, when us girls got talking about all things motherhood there was no stopping us! I felt like I had known them for ages. We laughed as we shared our experiences (maybe with a bit too much #TMI at times!). The dads were also equally involved and they ended up getting really into it chatting away like old mates! I thought my heart was going to burst when I got to hear that Steven was also getting the opportunity to talk about his babies so proudly too. It was such an amazing thing to see as especially from what I have experienced that the dads can be forgotten about in terms of newborn baby struggles from professional point of view. I also think from our experiences, when it comes to becoming a new mum or dad (both from experiencing the death of your baby to bringing home your baby) so much more could be done especially from a mental health aspect. When Leo was born I had midwives and health visitors come out to check how I was feeling especially with a focus on my emotions aswell as physicality’s especially due to Francesca’s death last year and the trauma I still feel around it all but Steven feels all this too but no one checked in on him from a professional point of view. I also had my GP checking in on me at my 6week check after Leo but for Steven and other dads out there they don’t really get asked how they’re feeling to adjusting to bringing this brand new life home. I LOVE the fact that were involved in something that is so passionate about making the dads voices heard too! Just like the mums they have their own story about fatherhood and each one different but each relatable .


I honestly can’t wait to see this be aired (even if I will be cringing at seeing myself on camera!) It was a very humbling and special experience to have sat there with those very inspiring mummies and daddies all with their own different stories of their parenting journey and being allowed a little bit of insight into what their struggles may be and any tips they may have on how to overcome it. We both came away feeling lighter in our hearts knowing there are others out there just like me and Steven dealing with all the same highs and lows of being a parent  each day.

I honestly can’t say enough nice things about the people, the day and the experience as a whole. I feel very privileged to have worked alongside such an impressive and professional group of people. I feel like the proudest mummy ever to have had the chance to have made those memories with Leo who just smiled the full day, enjoying the attention showered on him. Even though our little family will always be missing one very special wee girl and our hearts are always breaking, we felt like she was right there with us that day in our words aswell as our thoughts and do you know what’s even more special … We were even asked “what was your daughters name?” and we got to say her beautiful name right alongside her brothers ….oor wee Francesca and Leo …our worlds .


As Always For Francesca and Leo xxx

I have included some links below for you to have a gander at:

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