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Well 2019 you have been a whirl wind! where did you go and how is it almost October already??Actually how is it 2019? I was writing down a date last week for something and realised i’m still in the “2018” crew.  Hense the reason I’m only like 3 years late with this blog about my antics with the fabulous women from This Mum Is…

Following on from my time in Newcastle with Nuby I was kindly asked along to the Scotland launch event by the gorgeous girls at Nuby UK and was asked if I would also do an Instagram takeover for the Nuby account aswell. Can you imagine, just me the “bold yin” and 51K of my closest Nuby friends , probably all wondering who the crazy Glaswegian girl was popping up on their stories and wishing I included subtitles as I forget how difficult it for some of our friends south of the border to understand our accent. (apologies if you were watching and didn’t have a clue what I was saying!”)

This Mum Is.. has been launched in collaboration with Nuby UK and their aim is to have mums come together to share the good, the bad and the hilarious antics from their motherhood journeys this far. You can Join their online community, or attend one of their many events across the UK. They are hoping to provide mums a platform where they feel comfortable to share their real life experiences in the hopes of reaching others out there which may be going through a similar time. As soon as I heard this I was completely on board with supporting this amazing new venture as you all know my aim for starting my own blog was to start sharing in the hopes of making others feel less alone too. We need to know were not alone – in fact  lots of women are going through the same experience as us all around the world as this very minute – and it’s time to talk about it. The campaign has been designed to raise awareness and tackle the issue of social isolation and loneliness in new mums, as well as the pressure to be the perfect parent. Which i’m sure most of us can relate to especially in this “Instagram picture perfect” era! Social media certainly can on occasion portray the ‘perfect’ view of parenthood.

The launch event was a brilliant night full of the most inspirational women and set the super chic Restoration Yard within the grounds of of Dalkeith Country Park through in our bonny capital. The evening was hosted by Radio presenter (and superstar mum) Arlene Stuart and I was in awe as I listened to each motivational speaker chat about their real life motherhood journeys. Each woman was successful in their own right and we enjoyed a night with experts teaching us the tricks of their trades ranging from  Mindfulness, wellbeing, fashion and beauty. It was hard not to feel inspired and as you know I’m a massive fan of anything where women can come together to support and empower each other.  There was mummy mindfulness with Jen Wood , tips on beating the “mum frump” by the super chic Laura Russell at Satisfashion, hair and beauty advise from Paterson SA.

My personal favourite part of the evening was listening to the fabulous award-winning author, podcaster and key note speaker, JoJo Fraser chat about her book and real life motherhood journey. I am such a massive fan of anyone who has ever found it within themselves to write a book on so I was super honoured to have been been given the chance to hear Jojo speak.


Keep an eye out for any of THIS MUM IS… events near you and I have included some links below for any mummies out there looking to be part of this movement towards breaking down the pretence’s that motherhood is all roses and sunshine.  They have a growing online community where you can connect with other new mums, and there’ll be articles, videos, blogs and much more, from parents sharing their own experiences.

You may even see a wee blog or 2 coming up from yours truly soon too.

As Always For Francesca and Leo xxx



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