1 Year On …

And what a year its been. Just like that our baby girls 1st birthday has been & gone. I still struggle to get my head around what has happened to us. I mean around this time last year I was in labour ready to give birth to a baby but it’s not the one I... Continue Reading →

Mental Help?

I previously wrote about the absolute lack of aftercare when our baby died in terms of the physical care and how it can affect the families left alone at the worst time of their lives. The other part of the aftercare that really let us down was the availability for mental health care in our area. I think... Continue Reading →

Small Nursery Ideas

  With both my babies I have sat for hours imagining how their little nursery would look and what little bits and pieces would look perfect in there. I have sat for (far too many obsessive) hours scouring my favourite Instagram and Pinterest accounts for #nurseryinspo taking note of where I could track down similar items and build... Continue Reading →

Our Little Nursery Room

In our home the happiest little room was always Francesca's nursery and a place that always made up smile when we went in. It was one little room full of hope, dreams, love and light and I spent many many hours in that room preparing for her arrival. I used to go in, chuck on... Continue Reading →


  There are many things that let our little family down before and after Francesca died. Its something that I feel anger and upset towards each time I think back over these things and the bottom line is the support is simply not there for those in our situation. Now I can only speak from... Continue Reading →

Is this your first baby?

I knew it would be a given to be asked this question as soon as we knew we had been blessed with another little miracle. We both braced ourselves and rehearsed to each other and in our heads what we would say to those who asked if this little bump in question was our first... Continue Reading →

A little gift from our angel

So here I am saying the words I never thought I would be able to say again ... I'm pregnant... and our little baby boy is due sometime January 2019. I feel so blessed to be given another chance at possibly bringing one of my children home with me and I say possibly because my... Continue Reading →

5 Months On …

How did it get to July already! This year is flying by with every day being one more away from the last time we will ever see our baby girl and one more day into this grief journey that we never asked for. I have days where I catch myself just blankly staring at a wall shaking... Continue Reading →

Little Flowers For Our Little Angel

Since my gran found out that Francesca had passed she had wanted to do everything she could for us to help us make memories and mark Francesca’s existence on earth. One of my grans great loves is her garden and nurturing her plants, trees and watching them grow into colourful wonderlands. When I was a... Continue Reading →

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