The Unsociable Social Media Manager

I remember the days well where I would’ve bloody died of embarrassment going for a coffee and sitting in somewhere myself but now, my god these small moments are bliss!

I’m back #workingfromhome and I’m lucky enough to have been able to create a little office space for myself there but one thing that I have promised myself I’ll stick to is getting out into the big wide world some more. I think I must’ve been the least “social” social media manager around these last couple of years. With the covid regulations, then juggling mum life around running and growing a business my free time was ZILCH! Not to mention the all round absolute knackerdness I constantly feel! I was stuck hunched over my MacBook 12 hours a day (ok maybe more at times 😬) with no chat from the outside world except from on the old IG DMs! So, today I headed to a nearby Costa after the nursery run & you know what … I kinda like it …

Today marks the 1st week of me being back in full time #wfhlife and I thought I’d throw in a wee post to document that I put my big gal pants on (& that’s some gigantic pants btw * note to self – get this ass under control somehow soon)

So this mornings breakfast date with myself featured:

✨ A wee kiddy plaster on the old finger after slashing it a belter redecorating the wee mans room yesterday. Honestly they don’t call me princess paws for nothing! I could never do a manual job!

✨ A new addition to the bag collection- I may scrimp on the old clothes but when it comes to bags that’s always been my wee treat to myself #chloèwoodytote

✨ 1 x MacBook ready to crack on and get back to work and blast the self doubt that I allowed to creep in these last few months .

✨ A super strong black cold brew 🧋

✨ Ibiza chill out Spotify playlist with some crackers on it from Mauro Picotto.

Here’s to the new “Social” Social Media Manager life!

As always for Francesca Alexis Johnston and our little lion man, Leo xxx

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