Guest Blogger Series

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to come on here with the news that I am able to launch my brand new Guest Blogger Series which will be going live Sunday 2nd June.

As you will read in my last blog Newcastle with Nuby  I recently got to spend the day being around very inspiring who were so open about sharing their own type struggles with parenthood. Their willingness to be so open and vulnerable while sharing their story in the hopes it helps others has given me an idea for my own blog and I shared my idea to everyone on my Instagram asking them to get in touch if they would be interested in contributing in a guest blog series. I wanted everyone to feel included, even if they were sitting thinking oooo I’d love to write something, share my story but maybe a bit too scared or maybe not feel like they could write well enough (that’s what grammar and spell check is for!) don’t be apprehensive, go for it. What have you got to lose. I can guarantee that your individual story will reach out to someone somewhere maybe living a similar experience to the one you share. The response I had was overwhelming, exciting, humbling and a wee bit scary if I’m honest! Now I really need to get my ass in gear and work out how this word press malarkey works properly instead of just pressing publish and hoping for the best!

From this I have a really amazing diverse group of people all from different ages, backgrounds and locations. All with completely different stories to tell and this collection of guest bloggers will be posting about their own type of motherhood , fatherhood, parenthood, grannyhood or any type of “hood” out there! I will be posting a range of different stories each week, solely written by the writer themselves, sharing there ups, downs, sadness and laughter (maybe even downright crazy stories) of their journey to parenthood.

I share my story of longing for a much wanted baby who I never got to bring home to my pregnancy after loss story. I now share my struggles and happiness of parenting Leo after the loss of his sister while trying to remember the girl I used to be pre grief. But that’s my story and you have yours and I’m so honoured to have this fantastic collection of people be part of this blog series.

My hopes for this is that if we can all band together and break down all the parenting taboos just by talking…and possibly even reach someone out there feeling lost and alone. That’s what blogs and Instagram did for me and I hope to give back to it somehow.



NOTE:if you would like to be part of this blog series please get in touch either via this Instagram link or by commenting below and I’ll get back to you.


As Always For Francesca and Leo xxx

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