World Mental Health Day


It’s the day symbolised by a single green ribbon.



When a post or the hashtag #mentalhealthawareness pops up on your insta timeline do you stop to really digest what the post is asking of you? or do you simply brush it off as simply another one “jumping on the bandwagon” and using the new buzzword of the moment.

Either way the recent frightening statistics showing the rate of suicide numbers rising are frightening and anyone choosing to speak out in the hopes of hoping others can only be a good thing. No scratch that…it can only be a GREAT thing no matter how you feel about it.

Tragically suicide claims two lives every day in Scotland alone and there is growing concern that this country has become complacent on tackling suicide be it societal pressures like work related stressors and unemployment of anxiety and depression problems. Mental Health is not the latest fad or trend as for many it can be debilitating and a 24/7 constant struggle. Unfortunately many families of lost loved ones know this only too well.


“I feel constantly overwhelmed with general life and my brain seems to switch into auto pilot to keep itself ticking at times. It functions on fumes. There is constant noise and clutter and I feel like I’m genuinely losing my sanity at times.”



I have written an article for Nuby UK #nubyrealtalk campaign to mark World Mental Health Day 2019 which has now been published. Nuby UK are passionate about showing support to open up the conversation about areas such as post-natal depression and of course other forms of mental health struggles experienced. I was asked to contribute to this campaign as I have been open about the lack of support for both me and Steven after something so devastating happened to us. It scares us that so many are left in the dark without any support at some of the worst times in their lives.

Click here for the article :  


I hope my article finds you well and it reaches someone out there who may need to know they are not alone. Also please know you are never alone although it may seem that way sometimes. You are stronger than you may ever even know.


As Always for Francesca and Leo xxx






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