Guest Blog Update


It has only just occurred to me that I never actually updated my blog on this update, instead I only let all you lovely peeps know over on my Instagram that my For Francesca Guest Blog Series will be taking a little holiday for now.

I have been battling with this decision for a while now as I adore sharing all these unbelievable, inspirational stories with you all but if you’ve followed me on my social media you will probably have noticed there’s quite a lot of change happening in my crazy life right now. Even finding time to pee is a struggle at the minute so I have decided that I’m going to take the guest blog offline for a little while.

I feel so lucky to say there’s some really exciting things in the pipeline for my little blog, Some of those opportunities I have had to genuinely put on the back burner for months now as I am snowed under with just general life at the moment. So I’ve decided to take this guest series offline for now , concentrating on my own writing in the mean time but freeing up some time editing other articles each week to plan, organize and maybe even try playing about with the layout on here. I’m sure you all know I ain’t no word press Wizz! I really wish I was but it took me all my time to learn the basic “blogging” techniques to get this off the ground. I also don’t want to half arse anything while I’m updating things as I promise you I really do put my absolute heart and soul into my little space of the internet and of course feel a sense of pride with it being created as a legacy of my little bumpy chops, Francesca which is now being continued on with Leo and his antics!.

Although on a side note (you know I love a good tangent!), how do all u amazing peeps find the time to pile everything and a cat into your days as right now I swear it’s a cracking day, if in amongst writing, studying and everything else motherhood throws at me, if I find time to down a strong hot black coffee, Usually that fast I scald my tonsils , then have a shower & chuck my hair in a bun! Those are the days I feel like I am winning at life.Good times!.


Please don’t be disheartened if you have been in touch to say you’d like to contribute to this guest blog series and are still writing your piece just send it on as I would still love to share when we go live again. The Guest Blog Series will be back soon. Any questions though please just ping me a DM or email though and that goes for anyone who would like to contribute. Please don’t be scared just get in touch & we can have a chat. Although it may take 19 weeks for me to reply to u I swear I will at some point.

I want to say a massive thank u to all my guest bloggers who have contributed there inspirational stories so far. I can’t describe just how grateful I am to have you share a little bit of your stories with me and my followers in the hopes of reaching out  to someone who maybe needing to read your story and know there not alone. Each time I received a message or read a comment on your posts my heart just swelled even more with pride for you all. You really are the bravest most courageous parents I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

As always thank u so much for your support and to all my blog subscribers you really do make me smile so much with your messages and love. I appreciate you all so much and you have opened many doors to a future I didn’t even know were there after the darkness of this last year.


As Always for Francesca & Leo xxx


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