#FOLLOWFRIDAY : Baby Loss Awareness

I thought I would do something a little different for this weeks #FOLLOWFRIDAY and do a blog on it instead of my usual insta stories. I love the idea behind the Follow Friday tag as when its done with all the best intentions it can really help connect you with the most aspirational accounts. Recently i’ve seen a lot of back lash over the #FOLLOWFRIDAY tag and i’ve got to say I kind of agree with some of the comments. I don’t know how to say this without looking like i’m digging anyone out, but one of my personal pet peeves is when I see some people only ever tag the “bigger insta famous” accounts continuously each week as it always seems so disingenuous to me. Almost like they’re only doing it for there own personal gain or exposure in the hopes that say maybe the bigger accounts shares their tag .

There’s some insta accounts out there with maybe only something like 57 followers that are out there inspiring everyone they reach with every post same as there are one the same with 50K + so it just seems absurd to me that I very rarely see the smaller “smashers” get a mention. Now don’t get me wrong there are some massive insta accounts in which I love and will always support so I definitely don’t think its a bad thing for them to get the mentions as its fully deserved but I do wish it would be a bit more mixed. I would love to know your own thought on this on this in the comments below as it would be really interesting to see if anyone thinks like this too?

So for my follow Friday blogs each week  i’m going to do my best to bring you a fair mix of both ends of the insta scale. I hope to bring you a range of my faves from all different types such as accounts such as mental health , baby loss, lifestyle or even small to large businesses.

But for now here’s my TOP 5 of the weeks #BABYLOSSAWARENESS accounts and I hope you love them as much as I do!


This girl is an absolute superstar mama! I tell ya! Founder of #junipersjoys , Little Junie’s mum Amanda is one special soul if ever there was one. This beautiful mum documents her and her husband Mitch’s lives following the tragic death of their daughter Juniper who was still born at full term in August 2018. Amanda now also writes about the very real struggles of pregnancy after loss now she is carrying Junie’s little sibling and is tirelessly working to break down the awkward barriers of baby loss and the taboos surrounding it. Amanda always opens my eyes to so many of the beautiful ways we can include our angel babies each day and as her Instagram name suggests you will be sure to see the beautiful orange theme that runs throughout her page. So unique , so unfiltered , so real , so raw and one account that makes me feel much less alone in this world.



Frankie was one of the very first people I ever found online after Francesca passed away. I scoured the internet looking for anyone who had been through what I was going through and I wanted to know how they survived the pain. I NEEDED to know and was so grateful to have come across this account at my worst times. Frankie is a mummy of 3 and her eldest daughter Esme was tragically stillborn in 2013. I admire her so much as she inspires me to keep going and makes me feel like its OK to keep Francesca’s memory alive by talking about her and not have to hide away because it may be to hard for others to hear about. Her beautiful outlook on life and the love she has for all her children shines through on every post. What a legacy she has created for little Esme especially as she has now gone on to publish a successful children’s book named “These Precious Little People”  in which she sensitively explains infant loss to the children affected and also helps the family open a conversation up around it. It is such a special book, one in which I have ready and waiting, perched on Leos book shelf. Waiting for the day he is old enough to want to know and understand why his big sister lives in heaven.




Teddys mummy, Elle, needs no introduction as what started out a little blog has now grown to epic proportions.  And what a legacy this gorgeous mummy has created for her precious little boy. Elle’s son Teddy was born in May 2016 but lived for only 3 days after tragically passing away due to very rare metabolic disorder. Through her immense heartbreak, Elle shared her life after loss. A no holds barred , no sugar coating just how bloody awful life is after the death of your child and how EVERYTHING you once knew about yourself, everyone else and the world changes. This again was one of the first blogs I found last year and Elle’s truthful honesty has helped me more than she will ever know. It gave me a fire to start writing about my experiences too in the hopes I might help someone somewhere too. She is also now a hugely successful author after publishing “Ask Me His Name” and is a massive inspiration to many angel mummies out there just like me.




I recently had this gem of a mummy write for my guest blog series. As I read her beautifully written account of the tragic loss of her baby girl, Gracie Rose, who was stillborn in July 2016, I felt an instant connection as a mummy who had suffered the same fate. Through her blog I have felt so inspired to keep going with my little ways of keeping Francesca’s legacy alive. Lisa’s unapologetic musings of baby loss always stop me in my tracks with every post she writes. When she wrote the words on her guest blog …. “Imagine someone saying to you, ‘In a couple of hours, everything you know and think about life will be gone.  Your whole belief system and soul will be ripped out of you – physically and mentally, yet you will remain.’  You’d say they were crazy, but this is exactly what occurs with the loss of a baby.” it took my breath away as I genuinely can relate so much to these words. I admire this beautiful mummy so much and feel privileged to be allowed a little insight into her life. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her beautiful family.



Pops and Roos Dad

Another hidden gem of an account that helped me and Steven through our darkest days and inspired me to create a blog of my own. A little piece of the world to keep my thoughts and those precious memories of Francesca alive forevermore. Pete is one of the best writers I have yet to find and his blog “Daddy To A Rainbow And A Star” is one that I think especially bereaved daddy’s can relate to. I know my Steven definitely does. The way he writes about his beautfiful baby girl Poppy and his cutie pie little boy, Reuben, just makes your heart swell. The love he has for both his children are more than clear to see. Little Poppy sadly passed away in October 2016 at only 3 days old and what a special little angel she really is as her story has touched the hearts of so many of us out here. Pete always writes so honestly and its always a pleasure to be allowed a little insight of the life of a heartbroken daddy to a star while raising a rainbow.



Thank you for taking the time to read my insta faves. It was a hard call trying to whittle it down to 5 as I have about 350  baby loss awareness accounts that I love so I will definitely look to do some more in the future. I would appreciate it if you can let me know which baby loss accounts you feel have helped you in any way in the comments and I will go have a wee look at them too.

As Always For Francesca and Leo xxx






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