Little Leos Wardrobe

Looking back through Leo’s pictures since his arrival in January makes me smile so much. I don’t think i’ll ever get bored of taking 150 pictures of him a day. One of my favourite things to while he “micro” naps is looking through all the pics of his little outfits he’s worn, most of which we’ve been lucky to have gifted to us from family and friends(honestly we could’ve opened a boutique of our own with the amount we were given! lucky wee boy!) So I thought i’d do a little blog about some of my favourite places to go for little boy things. Hope this gives you some ideas.


I think probably 2 thirds of Leos wardrobe is from here, even his first little outfit he was on after he was born was from here. I LOVE Matalan for baby boy things! They just have the best range of bright, fresh colours i’ve seen for baby boys and this is a god send for me as I find it quite hard to find the colours we prefer to dress Leo in like the whites, greys, beiges, baby blues…and if I do then its maybe only a top or bottoms but hardly ever a full matching outfit but I can quite honestly say I don’t think i’ve ever left Matalan without buying Leo at least one little outfit something from they’re vast range. I love the home friendly colour schemes of they’re bigger items like the changing mats and I think even most of his muslins/bibs are from here too. The baby grows wash really well in my eyes too and the sizing is on point so we’ve got our moneys worth out of anything we’ve ever bought from here … High five Matalan!!



Is there anywhere better for bargain baby grows or sleep suits!! Bright white Asda baby grows is pretty much all we dressed Leo in for the first month of his life and he was adorable in them all. That’s all I packed in our hospital bag too as they were so affordable and more than worth the money as they did the job for us and washed well (we kept the white with the godsend that is Dr Beckmanns Glow white sachets after any disaster explosions!) I wanted to keep the money we had when preparing for Leos arrival to spend on bigger things and cute little outfits rather than the items we could maybe save on and i’m so glad I was recommended the Asda baby range for this. It saved us a fortune! We were also gifted so many beautiful wee items from their Tatty Teddy collection aswell as many other bits and pieces that we used and still do near enough every single day. Also I just noticed that they have the most beautiful items online from the Billie Faiers collection which i’ll hopefully be stocking up on soon if they don’t sell out before I get a chance to!



I was so grateful to be contacted by the company Lavender Sun who asked if I would like to review some of their baby clothing and Leo was sent the cutest little baby clothes that took him back to his “Wee Rexy” roots(if you don’t follow my Instagram then this was the nickname we gave him in the bump as he reminded me of a little T Rex with all my cravings of red meat throughout those 9 months). I was so lucky to be sent the most beautiful little items that fitted him perfectly which is a struggle at the moment as he is growing so quickly as 3-6 mths clothing is all near enough too small but this one fits him great as the materials so soft with some stretch in it. This is a must for me with leo as I cant go restricting clothing as its too hard to get on his little fidgety body and you just know that after 1 wear he will have grown out it anyways!Im glad to report that these outfits washed really well and look fab on. The website has one of the best range of unique baby clothes I have seen with some super funny slogan grows too ..”Straight Outta Mommy” anyone?. Its also worth while keeping any eye on their site too for any Sales where you can pick up some good bargains. They also offer free worldwide shipping so there’s no hidden costs which is always a bonus. There’s nothing worse than getting to the checkout only to find another few quids been added on for shipping. So glad I know about this little gem now.



This little boutique based in Strathaven is really is a wonderland of the most beautiful baby boy clothes and the colours are all completely our style.(not that I’m biased you know, considering my wee cuz is the manager teehee). As Niamh is the manager here, pretty much all of our family tasked her with chosing all their baby gifts from the store when Leo was born and my god each piece was more special than the next! How lucky are we! We dressed Leo in one of the outfits the day we registered him and it will forever remain my favourite outfit of his, just so so precious. Were very lucky that Leo has his own personal shopper!Definitely worth a visit if your within driving distance, if not then you can always follow them on Instagram or facebook. Just ask for Niamh and tell her big cousin Chaz sent you! teehee.



Another little gem of a find. This company are based in Falkirk, Scotland and are going from strength to strength. I was so grateful to be sent a few pieces from their collection to try out on Leo and my god I think we fell in love with everything from their page! Their style of baby clothing is right up my street, from the gorgeous little rompers,  shoes and hats ( I don’t think Leo had the double Pom Pom hat off! I was distraught when it became too small for him!) and don’t even get me started on the Pom Pom socks!! too cute! Their items sell out pretty fast so always worth while to keep an eye on their Instagram page for any updates or offers.



I have bought a couple of little light jogging suits from here and they fitted Leo perfectly while he was in that in between stage of not quite newborn and not quite 0-3mths. I think that’s pretty much all he wore for a few weeks under his snowsuit in winter and then when I went back to try and buy them in bigger sizes they were all sold out! gutted! I find I need to rake a bit though to find brighter boy colours in here though but they do have a good selection. I find Tesco a bit more pricier for the basics so I tend to go to Asda for them but they definitely do some gorgeous little baby outfits aswell as hats and shoes. The Muslins are so worth a shout too as they hold the projectiles well without seeping through too much.


Some more of my favourite finds are:

  • Pauls & Zapatitos Uddingston for the most special occasion outfits
  • Kiddies Boutique for the accessories like hats and socks
  • River Island Kids for the funkier styles
  • The Forge Market stalls for the most beautiful hand knitted items
  • Marks & Spencers for stylish outfit friendly bibs and sleepsuits
  • Next for the stylish baby grows, cardigans and jackets



As always for Francesca and Leo xxx

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