Kiltwalk 2019

I’m a little late with this update since the epic Glasgow Kiltwalk was last week but currently my sleep deprived body is running on fumes with considerably high stress levels added into the mix so my concentration span is “oot the windae” as they say !

Apart from all of that I am very very proud to say that my other half, love of my life and daddy of my two wee beauties completed the Mighty stride of 22.3miles, walking from Glasgow to Balloch in memory of our little angel while raising a fantastic amount of money for the unbelievably special charity SIMBA. He joined the rest of the record breaking 13000 walkers this year who smashed the previous years targets by raising … wait for it….. a staggering £3.5m for the 740 charities who benefitted from those life changing funds and when I say life changing I mean it. SIMBA changed our lives from the moment we received their memory box in our hospital bereavement suite not long after Francesca had died then was born.

That little box reminded us and still does every time we look in it that our little girl existed , she was here, she mattered, her life was celebrated and she was the one who made me a mummy and Steven a daddy. It reminds us of the pain of her death and the sheer happiness that wee girl brought us the short time we spent with her in my tummy and while lying next to her in hospital. If I was to put what that little box means to us, simply, in one word, wholly and completely …is LOVE … there is so so much LOVE in our broken hearts for Francesca and that’s what got her daddy through that mammoth walk that day, knowing he was walking in memory of his angel, reminding people she was here too and helping others who will find themselves in our tragic situation one day too. They too will come to treasure that little box beyond belief and I am so proud to say Francesca, Steven and the other 85 amazing individuals who walked for SIMBA have helped to make that happen.

We took Leo along to wave off his daddy in his little baby kilt and Nessie slippers at Glasgow Green. Steven was walking alongside Leo’s aunty Axey (my gorgeous wee cousin) and uncle Kieran who also took on this challenge in aid of Chris’s House who are another unbelievably important charity and deserve so much recognition for the work they do around Suicide prevention. It was a proud moment watching them all walk together off into the distance. Everyone so “Scottishly” smart (not sure if that’s a word!)with the bagpipers piping and the atmosphere absolutely electric. Leo managed to sleep soundly through the commotion too!! Then it was time to drop little Leo off at grannys while me and some others made our way through to the Balloch finish line, ready to cheer in the masses. It was hard not to have a smile plastered on my face as watching everyone in such high spirits is infectious and exactly what is needed when your heart is breaking that little bit more every day that passes since you last seen your daughter. For anyone that’s never been to a party in Scotland then I can vouch that the “banter” is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime as you will not be disappointed.

For every one I watched pass that finish line, I felt my heart ache a little more for them but proudly at the same time as I know they were walking for something that if they had the chance to tell you what for would probably help put your silly little daily worries into perspective as there really are real life heroes out there walking amongst us. My heart broke a bit more for every SIMBA or SANDS T shirt I seen, I wanted to go up and hug these strangers and tell them how I understood and they weren’t alone but of course I didn’t as the last thing anyone wants with 2 feet full of loupin blisters is some crazy bird crying on their shoulders!

With the help of the Hunter Foundation who added an additional 40% to the amounts, Steven raised £520.78. Along with the £1028.25 he raised at the Tough Mudder last year that’s him raised £1549.03 in memory of Francesca for SIMBA and I couldn’t be prouder!I can’t wait for the day Leo is able to join in and help us continue raising funds for charity in his sisters memory. I think I may possibly become the proudest mummy in the universe come that day!.

So to anyone who was there last Sunday , I think your bloody amazing and I hope my son spends his life surrounded by unsung heroes like yourselves!!

For anyone affected by the above charities or may be looking for more information on the remaining Kiltwalk 2019 dates then please check the links below:

As always for Francesca and Leo xxx


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