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With both my babies I have sat for hours imagining how their little nursery would look and what little bits and pieces would look perfect in there. I have sat for (far too many obsessive) hours scouring my favourite Instagram and Pinterest accounts for #nurseryinspo taking note of where I could track down similar items and build my own little magical room just like those ones I love online. I love a good snoop inside other people’s homes, it’s a definite guilty pleasure of mines.

As I spoke about in my previous blog ” Our Little Nursery Room” it’s been much more difficult to dream of a time where we get to bring this little one home and show him all the things we bought him but the more we push ourselves to try and enjoy the little moments with this pregnancy the more that little spark has came back to me. It’s made me remember how much I loved the times I spent planning this nursery for his big sister. I’m finding that it’s bringing out the excitement I felt all those times with Francesca in her little bump and now I’m experiencing another little bond with her little brother by making memories with him too.

I seen a quote recently from a very inspirational baby loss awareness blogger that said ” Different pregnancy, Different babies, different outcome” and it struck a cord with me. When you’re living a life of a pregnancy after a full term stillbirth your brain cannot comprehend the idea that you will one day bring one of your children home but with that comment something clicked and a little ray of hope snuck up from somewhere and in my mind I could picture the day we carry our son home and I’m clinging onto that vision with every being I can find.

So with that in my mind I thought I would embrace my new kind of motherhood and take inspiration from the many amazing bloggers out there by listing  some of my own nursery “must haves” to make the most of a room with a small space and add a little character to your little blessings room. (While trying not to make this look like its sponsored by Ikea!!) I also thrown in some of my “wish list” too.

I have tried to keep this short and sweet but WOW! there are so many amazing pieces out there both practical and just downright adorable that I could go on for pages but for now i’ve just included my 10 stand out items.

I hope you like it my little review.

C xxx


1: The Ikea 6 Malm drawers are perfect storage solutions for small rooms. These tall drawers hold so much and we love it for storing baby grows in different age ranges and the top 2 little drawers are great for socks, bibs and muslin cloths. It even has quite a large mirror hidden in the top of the unit which folds down so its good if you maybe don’t have the wall space to hang one.



2: The 4 drawer version of the Ikea Malm drawers are another fave of ours and such a bargain price too in comparison to other units out there. We have very minimal room in our nursery for storage so we bought 2 of these and built them alongside the tall drawer version above on one side of the room and it has made such a massive difference to us. We will actually be securing these to the wall and using one of them as a changing unit also to save more space after I seen this tip on Pinterest.

ikea 2



3: I’ve put the Ikea drawer dividers to good use also and created a the perfect changing haven with every possible cream, wipe and emergency nappy explosion item you could think of in the top drawer, close to hand for those vital times to come. There also fab for storing socks, bibs and pretty everything and anything else you can imagine.

4: Of course what small room lacking in storage space would be complete without the iconic Ikea Drona boxes. These hold so much more than it looks like it can and absolutely perfect for storing the bigger items like our little ones blankets, towels, cot bedding, toys and teddy bears. We’ve slotted these into the awkward wardrobe space we have left to make the most of that space as it wasn’t really contributing much.öna-box-grey-white-patterned-art-40400261/



5: Now we must have about 15 different throws around our house (much to Stevens annoyance) but I just absolutely love them! They’re so cosy and can really make a room, so for me having a few super soft fluffy ones for the little ones nursery was a given. I bought a couple of the ones pictured below from TK Maxx as they’re so luxurious feeling and look like little soft clouds folded over our nursery chair. I also love Dunhelm for their faux fur throws too.




6: And here is the cushion of dreams and it costs a wee measly £3 from your local Primark. These are the softest little cushions around and they look so bright and fluffy in the nursery. They’re small and compact which for me means perfect for our small room and look gorgeous on pride of place on the nursery feeding chair. Even better they look like little clouds too which suits our feature wall perfectly. The Range also do bigger similar ones that are just as fluffy and reasonably priced too.,N35397172299260


7: These cloud wall transfers complete our little theme. I got the same ones for Francesca except in little stars and since we always say that she watches us from her little cloud that it would be nice to have some clouds for her little brother. Just another loving connection between our 2 babies in our eyes. These are so effective and such a fab price from Amazon.




8: These are just some little bits we seen and completely fell in love with. Our nursery colour scheme is very much white, grey, silver and baby blue so these fitted perfectly and even better they were all so reasonably priced. This Gorgeous globe is a TK Maxx find and these cute little boxes were another Ikea find (I know, I know, were very much an “Ikea” household!!) But the best part of this set up (apart from our little princesses foot cast) is the gorgeous little memory box from Home Bargains for only £1.99!

(Note) The wee globe was a gift from our friend so I’m not sure where this was from, sorry.

rexy nursery



  9: I’m still trying to make a decision as to which Little Lenny Prints I’ll be purchasing for this wee ones room but they don’t make it easy as there’s so many to choose from and they’re all gorgeous! There’s so many options from cute to funny ones and the reason this company first caught my eye was due to amazing range of beautiful baby loss prints which are so unique and so special to parents like us now. They even have a range of personalised gifts and cards so it’s perfect if your ever looking for unusual present ideas.

little lenny


10: Definite insta worthy wish list item but trying to decide on a colour is proving hard too as these little felt ball garlands and dream catchers come in a range of colours from Stone & Co. I kept seeing these on some of my favourite insta accounts and I finally tracked down the company that does them. I think they just look so beautiful as an added little extra to any little ones room. I was even thinking about adding some little white lights to the garland for added sparkle.




Thanks for taking the time to read and please let me know all your favourites and the places that inspire you too.

Thanks C xxx

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