Baby Fun at Colab Scotland

After such a great day I wanted to let you know all about our little families Saturday adventures. I was invited along to the launch of the Baby and Toddler Laughter Yoga event based with the trendy Colab Scotland venue in Glasgow City Centre. It’s a new class hosted by Teresa who runs one of the UKs first studio’s to specialise solely in Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy and what a “laugh it was” (excuse the pun!).

Todays taster event was open to all parents and it provided a little idea of the fun that awaits anyone who is looking for something upbeat and new to do with their little ones. Teresa’s studio is so vibrant and I really loved the contemporary decor within the studio which was brightly lit with splashes of orange around. It was a really happy little place, perfect for laughing away all afternoon. I won’t tell you too much about the antics that us mums got up to as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for when you try it out for yourself but I will tell you that Leo absolutely loved it. He adored all the interaction especially as he has really became such a sociable little soul. I don’t think he stopped smiling the entire time. It was a really interactive session which gave the parents and babies a chance to meet and have a little fun together. My personal favourite thing about the class was the time I got to just escape from all the life admin and mundane daily tasks that never seem to end at the moment and simply just concentrate on that time to bond with my baby. I loved that we just had that time to play, cuddle and giggle away together. If you get a chance and are around the Glasgow area I would definitely recommend a little visit to try it out for yourself.

From there we went onto another studio to take part in the fantastic Carrried Away Plays summer themed sensory taster sessions where we met some other mums and dads. I have heard about sensory classes but have never experienced one for myself and I think that’s me definitely all on board the old sensory train. Im not sure if it was the idea behind this type of learning or simply the owner, Carries genuinely lovely nature that has me hooked but i’m a big fan now and so is Steven. It was the nicest feeling to watch how much fun all the little ones were having and the way you could see their little minds working over time, imagining that they really were sunbathing on that beach they were all singing about. It reminded me and Steven of the days when The Singing Kettle was around and it took me back to some of the best times of my childhood. Those times where my gran would take me and my cousins to see it every year and we would all traipse on the bus and into the Pavillion theatre with our bags of sweets and big wide eyes excited for what was to come.  As parents we both really enjoyed it, so much so we  booked the Carried Away Play Company to do a little sensory session at Leo’s upcoming christening so that he and all his big cousins can have that special time playing together in such a fun imaginative way (while the adults enjoy a beverage or 2!). Leo really seemed to take to all the bright colours and music in this class. He really adored the bubble machine too which would be a great tool for making some gorgeous insta worthy pics in future (note to self…)

The Colab Scotland venue was such a great choice to have this kind of studio as you cant help but get immersed in the happy go lucky atmosphere as soon as you walk through the centre. Its bursting with lots of fun, vibrant market stalls and food vendors. It also has live music and cool little coffee spots to take a load off after a hard days laughing with your wee ones at a yoga session. I didn’t even realise that the legendary “Savoy Centre” had been given a complete makeover so i’m really glad I went along to see all the changes here too as I never really venture to that end of town nowadays.


So if you live around this area or planning to visit Glasgow with your little ones then take a wee gander up to to Sauchiehall Street …try saying that without a Scottish accent!….and see what all the buzz is about for yourself.


As Always For Francesca and Leo xxx



If you would like more information on Laughter Yoga with Teresa:


For more info on Carried Away Play:


For more info on Colab Scotland:






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